Make data fit for purpose

By increasing the amount of data derived from machinery and processes, engineers and technicians in manufacturing and process-production industries hope to achieve a level of insight that leads to reliable equipment performance and optimized processes.

Once all this data is captured, however, it takes a combination of data science and subject matter expertise to identify the relevant parameters and recognize the emergent patterns that illuminate the facts of the matter.

Achieving a positive assessment of data quality depends on what purpose the data is going to be put. Whatever the designated purpose, experts say, the data must be available, comprehensible, adequate and exact.

With growing use of analytics, discussions about data quality aren’t difficult to find. However, less often does the discussion pertain to the real-time world of process production, SCADA and data historians.

In this webinar, we’ll look at the challenges, benefits and technologies that pertain to ensuring data is fit for purpose in operations technology environments and ready for the use of analytics meant to optimize processes found in real-time production environments.