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AI & Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) techniques and strategies increasingly are being used to improve various manufacturing processes, such as production, quality control, and maintenance.

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Plant Automation

This newsletter covers cutting-edge material handling applications including robotics used in production environments.

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Arc Flash & Electrical Safety

Arc flash is a dangerous release of energy caused by an electrical fault that occurs in equipment such as circuit breakers, switchgear, and other electrical components. This can happen during normal operation of the equipment, as well as during maintenance or repair. Learn how to keep your employees safe from Arc flash and other electrical hazards.

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Energy Efficiency & Management

The goal of energy management in manufacturing is to reduce energy consumption and costs while maintaining or improving production efficiency. Learn the latest processes for monitoring, controlling, and conserving energy during the production process.

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Safety & PPE

The use of PPE (Personal protective equipment) is designed to reduce employee exposure to a variety of risks, such as physical, electrical, heat, chemicals, biohazards, and other workplace safety and health hazards. This newsletter covers a variety of safety issues, including PPE.

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Predictive and Preventive Maintenance

This newsletter will cover issues related to predictive and preventive maintenance as well as trends and concepts that will be benefit manufacturers.

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Mechanical & Electrical

Cover technology and market developments that allow more productive, safe and eco-friendly application of energy in industrial environments and details advances in machines and rotating equipment, including fans, pumps and compressors.

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IIoT: Sensing, Connectivity & Analytics

This newsletter focuses on machine, equipment, and asset management applications related to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and their impact on engineers.

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Digital Transformation

Digital transformation in manufacturing refers to the use of digital technologies to improve and transform manufacturing processes, supply chain management, and the overall operation of a manufacturing business.

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Industrial Lubrication

This newsletter will cover issues related to industrial lubrication

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Supply Chain

The manufacturing supply chain refers to the process of acquiring and managing the resources needed to produce goods and services. This newsletter explores different methods used to optimize the flow of goods and materials, from sourcing to delivery, in order to minimize costs and maximize efficiency.

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IIoT: Process Controls & Automation

This newsletter focuses on process control and automation applications related to the Industrial Internet of Things (lloT) and their impact on engineers.

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Regular news, insights, and products to help plant managers do their jobs faster, smarter, safer and more productively in a changing global manufacturing environment.

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Product & Media Showcase

Get the latest on new products, literature releases, and cutting-edge technology as they hit the market.

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White Paper Connection

This enewsletter brings you links to important white papers on maintenance and plant automation products or systems.

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Workforce Development

This newsletter explores activities such as training, education, and professional development programs that aim to improve the productivity and effectiveness of the manufacturing workforce. It also includes key information on how to minimize the skills gap in manufacturing organizations.

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