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COVID-19 Engineering Alert

This weekly e-newsletter provides engineers with up-to-date information about how this global pandemic is impacting the engineering community.

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Energy Management

This bi-monthly newsletter delivers the latest insights on the newest tools, strategies, and best practices to help you manage the energy in your facility, straight to your inbox.

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IIoT Edge

This newsletter is about the latest developments related to the Industrial Internet of Things and edge computing, which allows computing resources to be stationed at or near the process.

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Material Handling & Robotics

This newsletter covers cutting-edge material handling applications including robotics used in production environments.

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Plant Safety

This newsletter highlights safety and security solutions for plant professionals.


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White Paper Connection

This enewsletter brings you links to important white papers on maintenance and plant automation products or systems.
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Education for Engineers

This newsletter focuses on providing engineers with educational content including information on: CFE Edu®, eBooks, research and webcasts.

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Machines & Equipment

This newsletter focuses on machine, equipment, and asset management applications related to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and their impact on engineers.

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Industrial Networking

This newsletter will cover the industry highlights, products, and technological advancements in industrial networking every month.

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Mechanical & Rotating Equipment

This newsletter details advances in machines and rotating equipment, including fans, pumps and compressors.

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Predictive & Preventive Maintenance

This newsletter will cover issues related to predictive and preventive maintenance as well as trends and concepts that will be benefit manufacturers.

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Inside Edition

This newsletter is sent to keep you current on important new engineering content in the months we don’t produce a magazine.  We think you’ll get some great information and enjoy this bonus content!

Electrical & Power

This newsletter covers technology and market developments that allow more productive, safe, and eco-friendly applications of energy in industrial environments.

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Process Controls & Automation

This newsletter focuses on process control and automation applications related to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and their impact on engineers.

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Maintenance Connection

This newsletter helps manufacturing leaders learn how to deliver greater maintenance effectiveness and efficiency with the help of featured articles and research.

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Regular news, insights, and products to help plant managers do their jobs faster, smarter, safer and more productively in a changing global manufacturing environment.

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Product & Media Showcase

Get the latest on new products, literature releases, and cutting-edge technology as it hits the market.

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