Utilizing sound research to help make good decisions is a fundamental aspect in running an effective business. Plant Engineering is leveraging its relationship with qualified engineering professionals and working with domain experts to compile state-of-the-art research on trending topics.

You now have the opportunity to become a research sponsor, be associated with thought leadership and gain valuable insights into critical trends, hidden needs, and behaviors concerning a specific topic.

Members of the Plant Engineering audience with buy/specify responsibilities within their facilities are asked to complete these surveys.

All Sponsors Receive:

  • 1 Microsoft PowerPoint (PPTX) presentation file
  • 1 portable document format (PDF) report
  • 1 Microsoft Excel (XLSX) data file
  • Company logo on all report deliverables
  • Proprietary data included with report deliverables

Sponsorship Options:

  • Multi-Sponsor (5 Questions): $7,500 net
  • Exclusive (10 Questions): $12,500 net

Add-on Options Available at Additional Cost:

  • Leads
  • Additional reports
  • Additional incentives

2024 Editorial Research Survey: 


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