*All rates subject to change based on publisher’s discretion.
*Cover Positions include additional 25% Premium Charge

Cover Ad Opportunities

Cover Bug: Cover bug to occupy the lower right corner of cover design.

Please provide cover bug to these dimensions. Create a box that is:
2.6″ square, then bisect this box diagonally from corner to corner. The diagonal space remaining is the design area for your cover bug.

NOTE: From this dimension, add an additional .25″ for image bleed at foot and the right trim of the cover to meet printer specs.

FILE TYPE: Final cover bug design should be delivered as a hi-res, PDF, CMYK, or TIF file at 300 dpi suitable for print.


Belly Band:
Contact Production Manager for PDF template for all image, bleed, and overlap specs.


Media Showcase for Engineers
Showcase your new products, literature, apps, videos, case studies, whitepapers, online and in-person training.

Design Specs and Pricing:
Full Page:  $5,900 (GROSS) / $5,000 (NET)
1/6 Page: $1,170 (GROSS) / $995 (NET)

Click here to see an example.

15% agency commissionable. Net 30 days. Agency commission disallowed after 30 days from date of invoice.

Note: Publisher reserves the right to select ad locations unless advertiser pays for preferred positions.