Predictive maintenance: Using handheld instruments

April 13, 2023

Deciding between a tool or a sensor for a maintenance project depends on the maintenance program’s maturity.

Unscheduled downtime in a manufacturing facility can cost a lot. Unexpected shutdowns also may result in wasted product, equipment damage and significant safety issues. Plant managers know that maintaining stable, continuous operations depends on regular maintenance and quick detection of potential problems.

Fortunately, handheld instruments allow maintenance personnel to regularly check on equipment. Whether it’s daily monitoring or annual tests, handheld equipment frequently provides data that determines the most efficient and effective way to make modifications.

This session will review predictive maintenance equipment like digital multimeters, temperature probes, thermal imagers and vibration meters.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand which systems require regular predictive maintenance.
  • Review various tools that can be used for maintenance.
  • Learn to create a program for your facility that systematically uses data to predict problems.
  • Review applications in which a predictive maintenance program saved time, energy or money.