Do you know what motors are in your facility? Being familiar with your motor inventory is the first step. This webcast will help you streamline motor management practices and quickly improve process reliability.

Many issues can arise with AC induction motors, so it’s important to learn general troubleshooting techniques. To start, it’s vital to understand the operating parameters and forces acting against a motor; to perform tests and make observations based on those parameters; and to remove system components to isolate a problem.

Regular measurement procedures, starting with nominal voltage, current and frequency can be the starting point for long-running optimal motor and drive operation.

This webcast will specify and analyze motor management best practices along with various troubleshooting techniques to consider and outline what equipment is needed to identify solutions.


Learning objectives:

  • Motor management basics
  • Identify the most common issues associated with AC induction motors
  • Review common induction motor maintenance procedures
  • Learn what it takes to get optimum, long-term performance from AC induction motors