Electrical power distribution
*Date TBD

As is well known, electrical power distribution is the final stage in delivery of electric power, it carries electricity from the transmission system to individual consumers, and in an industrial environment, throughout the facility.

Issues include distribution system loss reduction, energy efficiency projects and demand-side reduction.

During the webcast, program managers from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, energy efficiency research and analysis group, will discuss the following:

  • Cutting energy costs using DOE’s Better Plants program and 50001 Ready approach
  • How to use the latest technology to cut facility energy costs
  • Tactics and tips for cutting facility energy costs
  • How to use a variety of energy sources to lower facility energy costs

Notwithstanding dramatic improvements in distribution system operation and management, concerns persist with the traditional operational challenges such as fault detection, voltage variations, energy losses, transient stability, peak shaving and protection settings. Systems with high DG penetration levels are additionally concerned with transformer back feed.