Online education…engineers need it and CFE Media has it! Our new CFE Edu® platform hosts courses about specific topics taught by independent industry experts. Engineers who complete the courses receive continuing education credits. This learning experience allows engineers to progress through self-timed courses from instructors and can include assignments and/or quizzes to ensure the “student” understands the material. CFE Media enhances the experience with additional articles, snippets of webcasts, and industry research.

Sponsoring a CFE Edu® course positions your company as an industry expert while increasing brand awareness and providing leads to your sales team!

Features of a CFE Edu® Class:

  • Presentations from industry experts
  • Course sections are broken up by learning modules
  • Additional materials supplied by presenters
  • Homework assignments and quizzes optional
  • CFE Media topic-related content
    • Articles
    • Editorial webcasts
    • Research
  • Class completion earns the engineer Continuing Education Unit(s) or Certificate(s) of Completion

Course Sponsorship Features:

  • 6-month program
  • Logo, company description, and website link placed on the registration page
  • Logo and website link placed on all course promotion including:
    • 2 targeted e-blasts
    • 4 ad placements in relevant editorial eNewsletters
    • 1 half-page print ad (created by CFE Media)
  • One-minute commercial demonstrating your brand’s solutions before the course begins (pre-recorded video)
  • Brand recognition during the course
  • Two pieces of content provided by the sponsor
  • One exit survey question
  • Leads, leads, leads!

CFE Edu® by the Numbers:

  • CFE Edu® total registration for all courses as of November 2019:
    • 3,100 registrants for sponsored CFE Edu® courses
  • Registrants per course as of November 2019:
    • Arc Flash Mitigation – 1,264
    • Data Center Air Handling Units – 502
    • Data-Driven Maintenance – 147
    • IIoT Series: Part 1: Infrastructure, standards and systems – 635
    • IIoT Series: Part 2: Current Issues and Applications – 148
    • IIoT Series: Part 3: Edge, Fog and Cloud – 148
    • IIoT Series: Part 4: Machine Learning – 110
    • Introduction to Cybersecurity within Cyber-Physical Systems – 186
  • Average promotion impression opportunities (custom emails, print ads, web ads, editorial email promotions):
    • Approximately 250,000
  • Age data:
    • 21.5% of CFE Edu® total users are between the ages 24-34

Please click here to view an example of a sponsored CFE Edu course.
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Course Sponsorship Rate: $14,995 NET.